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Stumbling Across a Possible Mouse Mod

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Jul 11, 2002
Okay, so I accidentally dropped my mouse today. It functions fine, in fact it functions more than it did before (idiot me just discovered the third mouse button by pressing the wheel). But what got me thinking was that after dropping the mouse, somehow the wheel lost the clicking roll to it and now moves smoothly. Anyone have any ideas how to mod this so we don't have a wave of dropped mice?


Senior Band Wagon Jumper
Jun 9, 2001
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
There are little teeth on the inner of the wheel, with a little arm with a "notch" (for lack of a better term). Pressure is applied to the arm by a spring. The clicking is the notch settling in between the teeth. I suspect that by dropping your mouse you loosened the spring, and no longer have enough tension to feel the notch falling in between the teeth.


Oct 3, 2002
Walla Walla
I accually did that mod on my mouse on purpose... I took apart my optical mouse one day for fun a discovered I could remove the clicking and went ahead and did so...

nothing like smooth rollin


Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
I unclicked my mouse when I changed the LED... I am think I am going to go back to the notch. I am a fast scroller and frequently over scroll. I never did that before I unclicked my mouse.


Feb 5, 2001
Calgary, Alberta, CanaDuh
Yes, I did that sort of thing to my mouse a loong time ago when I got it. The old logitech mouseman mice had a smooth rolling wheel, and the new optical ones were too stiff and clickey, so I loostened the tension on the spring, it rolls smoother now.

But dropping it, wow, I never thought of that, Maybe il try to do that with my monitor and see if I can get it to sync higher :p

Captain Slug

Helpful Senior Member
May 23, 2001
Asteroid B-612
This wouldn't be a good mod for gaming because I have my middle mouse assigned to "select Best Weapon". If the wheel free-spun I wouldn't be able to easily click it without rolling too.