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stumped when overc produces null result

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New Member
Jan 16, 2001
I've been trying to get my FIC VA503+ K2/333 up to a more lethal speed, but it seem almost every setting produces a black screen w/ no response of any kind. I can get it to 350 or 366 w/ no problems, but anything higher produces null.

My ratio works at 66x5, 95x3, 100x3.5 and 66x5.5. But when I try 95x4, 100x4 or higher, I get nothing.

Shouldn't I at least see something? If it were smoking, I would think I'd see at least something before it failed. I know I haven't fried it, because it still works at the lower settings. Since SDRAM works at all freq settings, it can't be the buss.

Any ideas?
hmmm, when I was oc'ing my old pII 233, if I set it too high, all I would get is a black screen, so I think the response you're getting is normal. I would then have to turn it off and change the jumpers back to a setting that worked.

you might try turning it up as high as it can go and burning it in for a while, it's a long shot, but it might help,

good luck!
Well, the CPU DB shows people running these things at 4 and 500 with few problems, so I am expecting better. I suppose I could have a weak chip. Thanks.