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Stupid arctic silver III question

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Mar 26, 2002
San Francisco
Is there enough of a difference in cooling over the standard white silicon goop that comes with heatsinks that I should buy this? I'm not a psyco overclocker, so 1 or 2C doesn't mean the world to me, but if it's a major improvement I'll probably go for it.


I'm using AS2, but I got a 4-5C drop from using it. Go to www.arcticsilver.com/ to see exactly how it's supposed to be applied. You might want to do some heat sink lapping to remove microscopic traces of the old goo.

Don't worry, being a psycho overclocker is fun. :D

I dont remember where but I read a review. It compared Artic Silver II and III, somekind of Blue lub and the silicone. Artic Silver III made about a 6-7C difference than the silicone paste. I would say its worth it. Its only like 5-6bucks and with a 3 gram tube you can cover alot. I have done my video cooler, my chipset, and changed my CPU heasink about 6 times and I still have alot left. Btw, evertime I lap a heat sink I message Artic Silver into it and that takes up alot. So you can imagine how many you can do.

Just go to thier sites and read the instructions. And remember it doesnt take a lot, just a really thin layer.
Sounds good! I found a site with free shipping too, and it's physically located only an hours drive from my place, so it'll probably get here in like 1-2 days. Thanks guys.