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stupid question maybe?

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Oct 11, 2001
so ive been ocing ..changing multipliers and fsb's and one problem ive been running into lately is that... prime 95 will run for hours fine.. 3dmark will benchmark but like ill just be doing something stupid like surfing the web and my screen will go retarded suddenly... is this the result of the video card overheating...agp bus too high.. anything like `175 or above brings this on..any suggestions? i think its either the video or the ram.. but i don't suppose the samsung would really have a problem with 170 or 175.. vmem is at 2.8.. vcore is at 1.85...pay no attention to the little info thing the bottom of this.. components the same. understanding is different..
Try lowering your memory settings to CAS 2.5, then run for a while and see if the problem dissapears. If so, then your memory is the problem. If not, it's something else. Are you overclocking the video card?
I think that vcore is high, I have the same cpu and I use 1.775V @ 1750 mhz and it works 100% stable.
Might be the RAM, depending how the dividers are set up on your board, it may be that you're not running the RAM at 175, it actually might be at 218-219 which IS topping out territory for samsung RAM.

My board for instance, one selects 266 or 333 DDR in the BIOS which gives either synch with the FSB clock or 5/4 the FSB clock, so if you set it at "333" at 175 it would be doing not 175 but 219.

Also your AGP could be highly not liking what it's running at. This would be most likely if you're running a 1/4 PCI divider, if your board supports 1/5 PCI dividers, try that. Otherwise you may have to try setting AGP=2x in BIOS. (Worth trying to test if it is the video or not)
Also sideband addressing enabled may be causing video problems so try with that disabled too.


Road Warrior
Your PCI divisor has nothing to do with the clock rate of the AGP bus (though not a true bus). Intel® set the AGP standard at 66.66 MHz...so, the divisor on a 133 MHz native board will be 2. BTW, AGP doesn't even obtain it's bandwidth by adjustment of it's bus speed....this is done through signal rate (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x), like DDR does vs. SDR.
At 175 MHz FSB your AGP bus will be clocked at 88 MHz (22 MHz over stock)...while you don't have a poor quality card, as I like Gainward® and own one myself- but, I think it's a possibility of a heat issue with the card related to the bus speed; Or the card may not like those bus speeds. I can't see ' video display "gone retarded" ' problems being linked to anything else except for maybe drivers or other software issues....

okay lots of replies for just one day... i will reply as they come to me so here goes..

okay as far as the vid card goes....ive looked into it moved some fans around and the problem seems to have dissapated for now...
another thing ive learned is that my hardrive cannot handle a 185 fsb. gotta data corruption thing when windows tried to start. turned it down and went away.. anyway ..more answers

as far as the ram clock.. when it give me an option of the ram speed it gives...166 or 133...so are you saying i should drop it down to 133?dunno if it will let me..nother thing..can't lower the ram speed from cas2 i set it to fastest instead of turbo.. the ram just wouldn't do it..not even with no overclock..which i don't understand but hey its not rated for it so i cannot expect it..
i am running at my 5 divider because it kicks in automatically at 166 so i don't get the choice.

i also lowered the vcore and vmem a bunch.strangely my temps haven't lowered much.. i am going to pick up some arctic silver this week and see if my temps drop.. shoulve just bought it in the first place but i only had so much for my loan so i kinda put it aside for a short while...looking into a watercooling rig soon..
thanks for the replies..have a nice night.. ill get back if the problem arises again..haven't really pushed the system since i did that so i dunno