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Stuttering in Games after failed CPU-Overclock

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New Member
Aug 10, 2016
Hey Guys,

So i bought myself a new Graphics Card (GeForce GTX 1080 GAMING X 8G), together with a watercooling set to overclock my i5 3570K a little more. Before i installed the watercooling system, i had my GTX 1080 in my Rig and everything worked just fine. After i installed my watercooling loop, i tried to overclock my CPU to 4.5 Ghz. I did everything as said in the tutorial i used and after i hit ''save changes & reset'' the message ''BOOTMGR IS MISSING'' popped up even before windows was started.
I tried tons of different ways to fix it and in the end it somehow worked.

So i tought i must've forgot to change an important setting in the BIOS settings and i tried it again and did everything very carefully. But the same thing happened again and this time i couldn't seem to fix it, even tough i did everything i did last time.
I then ended up reinstalling windows 7 and all my programms.

After that i bought a new PSU (750W, before it was only a 8 year old 550W) and also new RAM when i was at it. Now i can overclock my CPU to 4.5 Ghz @ 1.21V.

But now the Problem is that i get micro stutters in my games. I especially notice it in Overwatch where i get 150 Fps on average and then it drops down to 90 Fps and it freezes for a very short time. And the same happens in The Witcher 3, normally about 70 Fps (Not in Cities) and then it drops to about 48 Fps and stutters.

I did a 3D Mark Test and got average results for both my CPU and GPU.
My CPU never exceeds the 78°C mark when running Prime 95 small FFTs.
When running Overwatch my CPU usage is constantly at 100%.

Things i tried already:
-Reset my Mobo to default setting, also did i set my GPU,CPU to stock settings.
-Reinstalled Display Drivers with DDU
-Used Windows repair function
-Updated all my drivers
-And after all that, installed Windows 7 AGAIN

Mainboard: Maximus V Gene
PSU: BE QUIET! Dark Power Pro P10, 750 Watt
RAM: KINGSTON HyperX FURY Red, 16GB @ 1600 Mhz
CPU: i5 [email protected] Ghz, 1.24V (Raised from 1.21V, didn't help)
Primary Monitor: Benq 2411T @ 144Hz
Secondary '': Acer P246H

Thanks for reading and i'll be glad for any responses.
Does it still stutter when the CPU is at defaults?