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Sub = stuffed?

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Jul 4, 2004
Auckland, New Zealand
Heya, I need help and I didnt know where to put this, so I put it here :p

I have an amp for my 5.1 surround on my pc, its pretty crap and rather old, but I was having this popping/crackling sound going thru the sub when it plays certain frequencies. I played the 20kHz - 20Hz test mp3, and at about 100-20Hz i get this violent popping sound. I originally thought that it was because the sound was up too loud, but i pressed Mute on the amp itself, and played the mp3.. same thing, same intensity popping.

I then thought it could be the connections, but they are brand new, and in place perfectly, its not a heating issue because my room is chilled to allow my pc to be oc'd, its not the drivers because ive tried them all off the cmedia site (my sound card manufacturer). So i guess its just the oldness of the sub, but I wouldnt mind some professional opinions of you guys :p

Thanks in advance for any (if any :p) help