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submersible coil?

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BandSaw King
Feb 11, 2002
U.P. Michigan
submersible coil, compressor & pump?

How does this look as a submersible evaporator coil to put in a tank of anti freeze coolant? $137.00 Do you think it's worth this much?

I'm just starting some research to my future water cooling plans.
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All this stuff is cool, but what do you want to do?
Cool a super-computer? This is way over-kill for a
PC. IF you post your requirements and goals I'm
sure many here will come up with great suggestions.

The MazeII is a great start.:D
gone_fishin said:
That's $328.00 + $50.00 for a MazeII block. This is starting to look expensive to make a chiller.

well you could probly get a better raditor for cheaper.. but i do have to say for 380, that could compeat with a vapochill. but your looking to spend around 400-430 total with the tubing and condenstation proftection stuff.. your almost looking into just getting a vapochill to save you the trouble. altho if youskill is on par, you could make one heck of a cooler.. im sure you could get nearly 2.5gigs maybe more if you do a voltage mod, and activly cool your ram..
im gonna watch this, cuz im very interested..
http://www.marineandreef.com/shoppro/rio-pumps-top.html has a submasiable rio pump (2500HP 748gph) for 44.00. ive dealth with that guy twice with pumps, and hes very good. one of 2 places to carry rio pumps that cheap. so this pump maynot be as strong looking it would cut the pump price in half, and you could get a couple heatercores off ebay for 15each about 20 shipped, then that would save you alot.
good luck, as ill be sure to check this after i get up, and im sure there be like 20 replys :)
Let me start out by saying I'm a carpenter by trade and insulation, plumbing and electrical home wiring are all things I'm experienced with. My idea is to place the whole cooling apparatus in my basement and plumb it up to the first floor. The insulated cooling tank could be constructed three feet off of the floor on a platform directly below my PC setup so the water need only rise six feet. The only part of the project I am unfamiliar with is the refrigeration unit. For now this is only in the planning stage and I'm not sure when I'll have the cash or time to do it.
For the tank I will use a 50gal plastic chemical storage drum cut in half which I can get for free. We use these all the time for refuse barrels. The rest of the stuff I can also scrounge up for nothing.
The whole idea for me is to have the system out of site and be able to run with only the PSU fans and the couple of tiny fans from the "ultimate harddrive coolers" sucking air onto the harddrives as intake, Low noise is the key. Of course overclocking is on my mind also.

Dissolved, right now I can reach 2.5Ghz stable for a few hours but I have to have the voltage up to 1.9v and temps are upper 50'sC at load so I haven't ran it any longer than that. I do run all day and night at 2.4Ghz with reasonable temps, so that's where I'm staying for now.
then you could get the 900+gph rio :) its like 60bucks..
well whatever u plan to do, i wanna see, cuz im getting custom water blocks for my gpu/cpu soon and i may try what your doing.
I would look into finding a discarded fridge or frezer and getting the parts from it... Check out the ProdjectX thread if you have'nt yet...