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Successfull A7V Voltage Mod, but it's doing omething odd...

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Dec 18, 2000
Ok, I couldn't find the Tom's Hardware article so I don't know if this is normal. After I did the voltage mod I set it to 1.35V (I'm guessing on these because I can't remember exactly) and it showed something like 1.83V... no problem there. Then I set it to 1.4V... and it showed 2.32V. Huh??? I thought I might have messed something up, so I upped it to 1.45V just to see what it would do... 2.05V. What the... I have no idea on this one.
Right now I'm running 950Mhz @ 1.83V (TBird 800)... I'd raise it more but I'm waiting on my waterblock to arrive and my temps are around 45C. This is the latest PCB version of the non-133 A7V (PCB-1.04). I haven't had a chance to test the other voltages yet since I'm away from home right no, plus I'm scared I might hurt something if I try it before I get the water block. Has anyone seen this before?

Note, I couldn't find a 24k resister so I used two 12's in a series.

The tomshardware article on asus a7v voltage mod is:

According to the article the voltages should be:

Bios Actual

1,1 Volt 1,37 Volt
1,15 Volt 1,44 Volt
1,2 Volt 1,47 Volt
1,25 Volt 1,55 Volt
1,3 Volt 1,61 Volt
1,35 Volt 1,66 Volt
1,4 Volt 1,72 Volt
1,45 Volt 1,79 Volt
1,5 Volt 1,88 Volt
1,55 Volt 1,95 Volt
1,6 Volt 2,03 Volt
1,65 Volt 2,06 Volt
1,7 Volt 2,11 Volt
1,75 Volt 2,17 Volt
1,8 Volt 2,24 Volt
1,85 Volt 2,32 Volt

Perhaps flashing w/ the latest version of bios would help. Double check resistor(s) and solder connections.

i have the same problem with my A7V

and yes everyone had no clue what i was saying

and saying stuff like in this post
not on the subject

dood i dont know what to tell you
i have tried all kinds of differnt sizes of resisters and all did differnt voltages
but the PROBLEM remained
mine same as youur anything under 1.65 volts was always 2.35volts

i wigged for a week over that one

finally gave up

so if you figure it out let me know what the deal was