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suck or blow???

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New Member
Jan 12, 2001
Does it really matter??
I was wondering what the preference is on the direction of the heatsink fan. I originally thought to have it pointed away from the HS, but my taisol came with it blowing on the HS.
Also, what is the best way to attach a temp probe to the heatsink?? From what I've read a good spot is on top of the HS right on top of the cpu. I heard crazy glue suggested, but I'm looking for something less permanant. Thanks.

I have achived the best cooling with the heat sink fan blowing down onto the hs then another fan mounted to the back of the case (inside) blowing out of the case positioned in line with the hsf.

It seems to blow cool air down onto the heatsink, then the other fan (mounted on the back of the case) sucks the hot air from around the heatsink allowing cooler air to be blow into the heat sink.

I then dropped another 4 degrees F off by mounting a 5 1/4" drive bay fan in the front to force cold air in from the front, towards the hsf.

I could draw you up something if needed.

It wold be good if one of your fans blows air towards the HSF and another one expelling air at the top of the case or behind under the PSU fan.Just remember that U need to balance the airflow.The same amount of air that comes in should go out.The PSU fan comes into the equation as well.
My Alpha 6032 came with the HSF blowing out off of the Sink. I am going to put a 120mm fan on the side of the case also blowing out. If that doesn't work, I may try your setup with the fan blowing on the CPU with the side fan blowing out. You have to try different configurations untill you get the lowest temperature.
not even go to mention the freudian issues, but a fan that blows seems to be the best for cooling, although it can mess up ariflow somewhat. The best setup would be a PEP66 with one fan blowing and the other sucking.
Hey, I thought blowing and sucking meant the same thing... oops... nevermind, wrong forum. :) Seriously, it all depends on your system. With my cooling mods and extra fans, blowing works the best. Sucking seems to about the same CPU temps, but motherboard temps got too hot with my configuration. Check out my recent results.

The GlobalWin FOP heatsink and a good 80mm fan instead of the normal 60mm fan seems to be the best budget cooler right now. I also currently have 3 front intake case fans and 3 rear exhaust case fans.