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Suckhole? to use or not to use

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May 10, 2001
Hey Just got a quick couple of questions

1. I have a Slot A Athlon with a reasonably good heatsink on it and I was wondering if it is viable to put on a suckhole (connected to the fan moving upwards to the top of the case, using PVC piping)
2. which way would I make the fan at the other end of the suckhole? pushing air in, or helping get the air out? I know it is probably a silly question but I have been reading a little on it, and all I got was confused :(

Anybody help me out with this one? or should I just forget about the suckhole all together!

Fan placement in a case is not as simple as placing blow holes and suck holes and many things need to be considered such as.. Can your PSU provide enough current to run the fans and your PC for starters. While placing a pipe to suck hot air of the CPU may at first seem to be a logical idea it may in fact create more problems than it cures as the PVC piping you suggest using for this task may reduce airflow around the case allowing the other components such as graphic card to get hotter than would usually be the case.
As for the question as to should air be blown onto of sucked off the CPU, I would suggest looking at the hsf and see what the fan is doing there and follow that.
Rather than go to all the trouble of running a pipe, I would suggest carefully route the internal wiring within your case and round the IDE cables (DIY don't buy them) to improve airflow and then carefully place fans in your case remembering that cool air is more dense than warm air.

My temps if your interested
Loaded :- CPU @ 37 c and System @ 26 c


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