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Sugesstions for cooling

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Jul 14, 2001
I have a Asus P2B with an ASUS S370-L slocket. There is a lot of heat arould my processor and was wondering how to disperse it. My processor fan blows in the direction of the die thus dumping heat only my motherboard chipset (located directly beside the heatsink). Also the processor fan intake is about 1 inch from my RAM. This whole mess of heat is also located 2 inches above my videocard.

Here is the setup of my case. 1 80mm intake fan at the front, 1 80mm fan at top (above the mess), and power supply fan.

NOTE: if I turn off the front and top fan the extra heat from Videocard overheat the prcessor
If you get a better HSF heatsinkfan with a high cfm fan on it there will be less heat and your CPU cooler, this will help more then playing with case fans, but you still may need to experiment with case fan placement to optimize airflow in your case. You can make temporary cardboard side covers and cut different holes to add another fan aiming at your problem area, also you can usualy do a little mod to your PSU fan to get a little more airflow out of it as well, on mine instead of it using the thermaly controlled voltage sensor i bypassed it so that there is always 12volts going to it this more then doubled that fans output.

Hey Dug, sounds like you have a similar setup like i have.
Read my above post"Just don't think all the $$$ is needed"

I just recently explained all I've done and it worked great for me.

Hope it helps you...