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Suggested PSU?

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New Member
May 26, 2002

I'm planning on building computer with these parts:

AMD 2400+
Kingwin Aluminum case w/ 5 case fans
Western Digital 120gb w/8mb buffer
Lite-On 16x dvd rom
ATI 9700 vid card
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
Asus A7V8x
512mb 2700 DDR ram
Thermalright slk800

Now my question is, I'm not quite sure what kind of PSU to get when considering all these parts. I was leaning towards the enermax 350watt PSU. I'm just alittle worried that the 5 extra case fans might require a better PSU.

Also, any other parts that you see that should be added, please say so.

Any help would be appreciated :)

Yangsing "Achoo"
Sparkle 350W for sure

The enermax 350 only provides 185W of 3.3+5V output, and costs a lot more. The sparkle gives you 220W of 3.3+5V, 450W total max output, and costs a mere $42 from newegg. The 431 Enermax is equal in output to the 350W sparkle, and would be recommended for your load if you must buy Enermax.
enermax is ok. antec is better.sparkle is even better and cheaper,pc power and cooling is king! but can only be bought for its weight in gold.

psu facts about quality and power ratings and how these psu's perform,has been around a long time.people just forget.you get what u pay for.sometimes its name,sometimes performance,sometimes looks.

enermax is mostly the name u paying for.
antec is name and quaility.
sparkle "aka" fsp is quailty you pay for.
pcpower and cooling. i dont know how to classify. very high quaility but very expensive.

id stay away from enermax.
go antec or sparkle.
Take a look at PC Power And Cooling. Like deathstar13 states they are on the expensive side but the quality is there. When I bought mine I didn't think the price was that bad. I think they have the longest warranty too.
yeh the vantecs are really nice. but hitten the pcpower and cooling price range. they dont match them tho.
I like the Sparkle 350W too. Lots of stable power, from what I can tell.

Note that the newer 300W Sparkles are cheaper builds at least case-wise - the fan outlet vents are metal-cut instead of being a real fan grille (the 350W has the grille) and much less CPU-side venting.
varies from model to model

I like the wire grill on the 350W too, but the 300W model is very nice as well. My older FSP-250-60GTA supply in my Celeron 433 has the grill too, but only 150W 3.3+5V output. The current 250W -60ATV and 300W -60ATVS have cut metal grills, but greater output (175W and 200W 3.3+5V, repectively). They don't generate enough heat to test the standard 80mm fan opening, but of course you could always trim the metal and fit the wire grill if you wish.

There is a lesser 300W sparkle (FSP-300-GTB) that carries the same 175W 3.3+5V rating as the FSP-250-60ATV supply. It also ran my P4 rig successfully, but blew hot air. It has much less venting on the intake (internal side), but the newegg verision has the same extensive vernting as the 250W model, which is identical to the 350's performations.

All this said, the 350W model costs very little more than the FSP-300-60ATVS. But make no mistake, the 300W model is stout, and will run the vast majority of systems without drama. At its criminally low $27 price there is no finer value in power supplies. I use a lot of these supplies (they come in the In-Win cases) and they run both overclocked Athlon XP's and P4's to great effect.