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Suggestions for a homemade water cooling system.

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New Member
Jul 28, 2001
I've been reading some of the posts here regarding water cooling, and I have decided to make a system myself.

This is what I've considered buying:

Pump: Eheim 1048 (158 GPH)
Water block: Home made x-drilled 2"x2"x1" Copper
Cooler: Car heater, does anyone know of a european car that has got a good heater for this pupose? Pref. no bigger than 6"x6"
Cooler Fan: Pabst 120 mm Low Noise (55.3 CFM)
Reservoir: Do I need one? If so how big?
Tubing: PVC or silicone or something else?
Fittings: Brass 3/8"
Cooling agent: Distilled water with added algaekiller (the stuff used in aquariae)

All in all this will cost me just under $100 here in Denmark.

Does this system sound ok for a beginners setup? I know that the x-drilled water block isn't the best solution, but it costs next to nothing and must be easy to make ....

idunno about the waterblock...but it's worth a shot! i personally shelled out the bucks and got a DD maze2, and love it.

only thing i might change would be (might affect the price) to get a higher CFM, louder 120mm fan, and add a rheostat to it. my 120mm fan is a 118 CFM under full load (loud), but when i add a rheostat to it, i turn the thing way down and it is virtually silent. this just gives you the option to really up the airflow if you ever have the need, as well as using it the other 95% of the time silently.
The people at spodesabode seem to think my idea for a beginners waterblock is a good one, maybe you would like it too. Take your existing heatsink and slap sides cut out of 1/8" thickness sheetmetal (i used Al, but Cu is better for it i believe, and more costly) and seal all the edges with JB Weld. Mine is good and watertight and is expected, by the spoedesabode people, to perform well. The Al was five bucks. JB weld was around five as well.