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Suggestions for GREAT gaming headphones plz!

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Mar 13, 2002
to accomodate my gaming rig, not fully assembled as of yet, i would like some *SwEeT* *SwEeT* headphones to complement my set.

i'm not rich so i can't donate$300 to simply these, i'm suggesting around $130. $160 is THE MAX i will spend, UNLESS effortlessly convinced that they are the one's for me [they'll call for me, "you know u want me, need me, cares....."] and let me enjoy my gaming experience.

semi-covering ears or fully, as long as their 1) comfortable after long hours of use, 2) miniscule to zero sound leakage 3) obviously the cheaper the better.

no need for extension wire cuz i'll be stuck to my seat infront of my monitor the whole time. Color nor shape really matters either [comfort is #1 priority tho].


Mar 13, 2002
but for which model in particularly? they have millions of models alone

thx, ebay is probably a good place to search for the low-down good deals.


Jul 9, 2001
Land of OZ
comparing the half dozen or so headphones we have at work and the pair I currently use at home...

I like my sony reference headsets (studio). All the work headsets we have sound good, but none are as bendable/durable as the sonly ones... plus the sony ones fold up well.

We have a few Telex, Senheiser, and Sony sets (as well as a few no-name brands).

The only thing I can say from experience is... put a lot of thought into durability. I've had great sets that cant stand the constant abuse our camera people dish out. They currently have some invincible Telex models, but they dont sound so great (not like they need perfect sound anyhow).

Take note to get a pair with the thick wire, not the flimsy thin stuff. make sure that where the wire turns into the plug, and where it goes into the headset, that it is WELL protected (90% of all my heasdset repair jobs are at these two points).

My sony pair cost me $95 at best buy (cant believe they actually caried them) and have lasted me for the better part of 2 years now (longest previous home headset record was around 8 months). I would imagine you can find them cheaper on the net somewhere...but I didn't trust looking at a picture over the net... I went shopping around all the guitar/audio shops in town, then got lucky finding these at Bestbuy.


the model no for the headsets is: MDR-V600

Not sure if they still make them or not, but they should have some type "studio" or "reference" headsets that are durable and sound good.