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Suggestions? Non-standard case for retro system

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Jan 13, 2005
I've been wanting to build a retro system for a while but I didnt want another big honkin tower right now so I got some hardware that goes in a bit of a different direction. SBCs

PXL_20220718_232835922.jpg PXL_20220718_232901279.jpg

I got these for super cheap, the one on the left needs a tantalum cap on the back of the socket replaced, you can see it was ripped off some where although the seller said it worked regardless.

But i need a case for these, something small. i thought some one some time ago made external housings for PC cards and small PSUs but I'm either not looking up the right thing or they dont exist. I remember having a sun microsystems external scsi drive that was sort of like what i imagined, it had a PSU in it but the case wasnt off the shelf suited for PC cards.

At this point i'm kinda looking for any thing that can fit these, i could do external PSUs if need be. It wouldnt matter if it was a single slot or two or three, there is some expansion on these cards.

some insight on these and what i'll use them for.
well mainly i'll use them for DOS, Win95/98 stuff. probably not any D3D things but maybe depending on what i find when i probe these a little more. probably use DOM or a CF to IDE adapter and a floppy emulator. these have most everything else onboard so unless i need to add anything the'll probably be run as is

the one on the left is a socket 370, i think it has a celeron installed but i have a few pentium 3's stashed away, 133Mhz 128MB DIMM . every things onboard, 10/100, USB,video, Sound, HDD, FDD, it almost all headers, even some funky tiny IDE looking LCD connector. I think its kinda interesting that its a socket 370 with an AT PSU connector, i think it was designed mainly as an upgrade board.

the right one is a Pentium 133, I think its a socket 5, but i'm hoping its not. again, everything onboard, this one came with 16 megs SIMM installed, not sure the speed, i see a j-60 so maybe 60ns? I wish it was EDO, i have a bunch of that still, i dont have many of these older SIMMs.
might be a little bit. i'm having trouble finding a suitable case
Desktop, I use one in my wall. Get one thar can fit a component stero rack.


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i still want to go smaller than that, i might have to build my own and i wont be able to do that till i move into my own place, but i'm keeping an eye out for what i was thinking in the begining
still in between places at the moment.

since these cards are so small i wanted to keep that smallnes, i might add a card but nothing major so that why i was thinking two or three slots. i thought maybe a stripped eGPU case but none of those are cheap but i'm still looking
I’m confused, can these add-in cards work stand alone or do they need to be plugged into a motherboard? Never seen one before, but it looks fun to play with. What kind of slot is that, looks like Vesa but not. lol
i had a brain wave the other day... i've been having trouble tracking down a small backplane. i even considered modifying an existing diy one and making my own 2 or 3 slot backplane off this persons design and getting some place like OSH park or Sunstone circuits to make some PCBs.

but when i was diggin through the old stuff i still have trying to find the k6 cpus i thought i had i came across a pentium board that was non standard and used a riser for both PCI and ISA.

so i hopped on ebay and found this:

way better than an expensive backplane. i wanted a passive one any way since the card it self has PSU connectors on it so this should work out how i want. plus the screw holes front and back should make for a good secure mount.

as far as case i'm looking at maybe using a vertical gpu mount and building off from that, still dont have my own place but that just means i have time to check things out and a reason not to impulse buy bigger bulky parts. an ISA riser is one thing...