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Suggestions on a few upgrades to my currect PC.

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Sep 20, 2016
Hey guys I am wanting to change my current cpu from AMD to intel. I had a fx8350 with my current system but must have fried it due to OCing. I mostly do gaming. I want to get the most out of my graphics card. Could someone suggest a intel CPU and motherboard to upgrade to? I cant really afford a $700. upgrade so not too high end but that will get great game play and somewhat future proof for up coming games. I like to OC although apparently not to great at it. Is my memory okay or would it starve the rest of the system? I currently have a Thermaltake V9 black edition case; asus m5a97 r2.o motherboard; Zotac gtx 980 amp omega 2gb GPU; 8192mb pc3-12800 pny memory x2; AMD Phenom IIx4 960t cpu; corsair h80i cooler; running windows 10 64bit I think my power supply is 500 watt. I can make sure once I get to that pc. I hope I gave enough info. Thanks
I would recommend upgrading to the 6700k i7 for an intel CPU
Prices may vary but last I checked it was around 310 USD
If that is a little too high even the i5 6600k would be a decent upgrade
Last I checked that was around 240 USD

I'm not very knowledgeable on motherboards.
I went all out on an ASUS board and I love it, but also will probably never use all of its features.
but with the 6700k or 6600k You'll need a Z170 chipset board
With a i5 6600k you will need DDR4 memory I would go with G.SKILL 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 Model F4-3200C14D-16GVK and I like the Gigabyte Z-170 motherboards.
if you're gaming an I5 is the way to go, an I7 has it's place but not so much for you.
to feed a 980 you don't need the top of the line.
I don't know that on your budget that I wouldn't just get an fx6300 or 6350 and invest in a better gpu then save for a motherboard/cpu/ram upgrade.
for that matter, even a quad core fx.
If you "can't afford $700" worth of upgrades, what are you willing to invest? I think that is the first question to answer.

You only mention the wattage of your PSU. What is the make and model of it. If it's a cheapo unit I would recommend one of your first upgrade priorities should be a quality PSU. If a cheap PSU goes south it can take other components with it as it likely won't have over voltage protection.
I just looked at psu TR2 600w. I would like to go no higher than $600.
and my 4570s cpu is as sweet as sugar.
pair those with a used 980 for 250-300 and bam, new rig.
You have a 960T right now?
In the meantime until you figure out what you want to do, unlock those other two cores and overclock it as much as you safely can.
Edit: Upon further review, you may or may not be able to. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2639641/asus-m5a97.html
I'd still look into it to see if a bios revision changed that, potentially getting two more cores for free is worth the attempt.
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Are you sure it's the FX-8350 that's bad? With modern CPUs, it is fairly uncommon to suffer damage in the short run from overclocking. It's much more common for the motherboard to go first. If you haven't done so already, I would try one of your other AM3 CPUs in that motherboard to check it out.
Hey guys sorry for late responses. It was like a year or two old. One of the geek squad guys from BB said I may have had too aggressive of a overclock. I cant remember what they were but I know my temps were fine. Programs would freeze up and my mouse would freeze and disappear for a few seconds. I thought it was something else but he told me to swap it for another cpu if I had one. I put the 960t in there and it never gave me that trouble again. I been looking at the suggestions (THANKS btw) and I think I may have found something I like. I will try and post links to each item. And see what yall think. I'm not too good at doing stuff like that.
In your reply box there is a picture of the 'earth' with a small attachment icon. Have some wording highlighted "This CPU" then click that and input the URL which creates the link with the relevant name, rather than just random links.

Also try to edit comments than reply with multiple in a row :).

Hope this helps!
I know I went higher with the motherboard but this thing looks awesome. What about this line up any changes? Thanks guys with the help. and Mjolnir with the link help.
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Also whats the meaning and importance of the 3200 in the ddr4 3200? I was messing around in crucial and it doesn't suggest any 3200 its all lower numbers. 2133, 2400 and 2660