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Suggestions on watercooling

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Aug 13, 2001
Montreal & Toronto
Hi, i wanted to find a good page to buy a watercooler for my P4 1.9 Ghz i never realy got into it but im willing to shell out a bit of money to do so. i hear theres water collers to cool cpu/gpu and all other components

what i pretty much want is something to cool everything down i know i need a big bump but i have the room Antec Full Tower.

anyhow please post all your sugestions / websites for a few good watercoolers thanks allot

You can build the best for 150.

You can build a fairly bad-*** cooling rig for ~100.

You can build a GHETTO cooler, which would probably perform only slightly worse then the above two rigs and still kick air's *** in quietness and performance, for around$70.

You can build an ULTRAGHETTO cooler, which will still probably beat air, for almost nothing, if you have some copper pipe ,JBWeld , a hacksaw, and a big hammer sitting around. :) NOTE: must be adventurous for this option.
lebe0024 said:
You can build the best for 150.

I don't know about that. I just bought all of my stuff, and I wish it would have totalled 150. With a good pump, block, rad, shrouds (or you could make them), fans, tubing, etc. the price goes up quickly.
well i guess im talking in the 100+$ i dont want to buy my own parts since i dont like building stuff like that, im affraid its gona leak and **** all my **** up. im talking of buying a Pre Made Set.

that has CPU/GPU/Mem colling maybe even HD colling would be cool. thats why im looking for a few links on great products that have been tested. i willing to go up two around 2-250$

i guess i want the best premaid on the market ( at my price range )