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Sunon or Panaflo?

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Mar 11, 2001
I'm planning to fit a 80 mm fan onto my fop32 heatsink, but fan is better? the Sunon High Output or a Panaflo?

(Which one, is as in noise wose?)
Is the the Panaflo a hydro wave fan?
How about Sanyo Denki, Petit Ace, 80x80... not bad though... 2900rpm, 29DBA, 36.5cfm and a good night sleep with the machine is on, in your bedromm... Very quiet Fan and good quality???
I've got the Sunon 36cfm 3-pin 80mm fan on my 80mm->60mm adapter mounted on my alpha Pal6035 and love it. I was just reading at Plycon they're getting 68cfm 80mm Delta fans in soon Good god that's got to be loud.
Are 92 mm to big? How do you exactly fit the 80 mm fan into the fop32 heatsink?
Unfortunately I made a few trips to the local hardware store to get the right size nuts and bolts for the 60mm->80mm adapter. IT was a great investment, a little pricey at 40 bucks but my DUron 650 is now running at 1090mhz (up from 1020) and I'm going to burn-in overnight and cross my fingers.
Okay, 1090 tanked, but 1080 still rocks. I'll burn this in overnight and see what happens. I'm thinking voltage mod on my Kt7-raid because temps are okay, topping out around 48oC, and this Duron really wants to hit 1100mhz.
Panaflos are finished better than any fan I have seen. Less noise and more airflow.
Both the Sunon and Panaflo seem to be good quality fans. Of those two models listed, the Panaflo is quieter, but the Sunon flows more air. I have a 92mm Panaflo case fan now and it's been great. I also have several Sunon fans of varies sizes that all have been great fans.

Personally, I've had more Sunons in the past, including one 80mm case fan that has been running flawlessly for over 3 years now. Also, I now have a Sunon 80mm high output on my GlobalWin FOP and have been quite pleased with it. The CPU runs cooler and much quieter than the 60mm Delta fan I was using. Love it!

I'm not using any adaptor with my FOP cooler, I just allow the 80mm fan to overhang the heatsink a little. The wire spring fan retainer clips will stretch far enough to hold the 80mm fan, so there's nothing to make or buy with this cooling mod (except for maybe the 80mm fan).
rugby (Apr 24, 2001 09:21 p.m.):


I was just reading at Plycon they're getting 68cfm 80mm Delta fans in soon Good god that's got to be loud.

That's the fan used on the MC-462A. Not only is it high cfm, but it has an ingenius set of stationary fins to make the air flow in a straight line, as opposed to the conical outward spiral, innate in axial fans. Yes, at full speed, it is loud, but with a rheostat, you can throttle is back most of the time to inaudible. I crank it up when gaming, doing intense engineering modeling, or running stress tests. A lot of people have been waiting quite some time for them to be available at the retail level. I don't know what took Delta so long.