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Super Orb vs. FOP

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Jan 16, 2001
Tacoma, WA
I know have a FOP 32-I that I have replaced the fan on to make it a 38-I. I have a friend that can get me a super orb. The 38-I is really loud and I'd like to get the super orb because it will be quieter and it looks cool. However I have heard really bad things about the super orbs. Any ideas
I have used a S/Orb and FOP 32-1. The FOP is 5C cooler than the Orb. The Orb is a bad product don't use it. See what I had to say under the heading "Tired of people knocking the Orb" as I explain why.
i loved the gorb on my celerymine, but for cooling hot chips, the orb family just don't cut it.
and the socket a clipping mechanism is a nightmare. it alone has been responsible for many a cpu death.

stick with the fop.
Keep the FOP and use the orb to snake the drains with. Seriously, the FOP is a far better cooler.
same as everybody else, the orbs were a good design, and still look cool, but the lack of surface is really killing them these days.
my orb was'nt even "that" good on a K6-2...
an 8dollar thermaltake, similar to the volcano, blew it outta the water by like 10*
and the clip IS a total piece of crap!
Yep, the FOP is far superior to any of the Orb family of coolers. Why not do the mod that I did to my GlobalWin to make it a FOP42. I slapped on a Sunon high output 42 CFM 80mm fan. Better air flow (4 CFM more) and 10 db quieter. A very noticeable decrease in noise and a 1/2 degree drop in CPU load temps. The best part is that the 80mm fan clips right on using the 60mm fan retainer spring clips. Just stretch it out a little to fit. The fan overhangs the sink a little, but that seems to help cool the motherboard. I had a 1 degree drop in system load temps. Much quieter and a slight drop in temps, it don't get any better than that.