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super socket 7 just to 100mhzx5.5?

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Aug 14, 2002
bogota, colombia
hey guys, i have found that the top speed that a super socket 7 pc can reach isnt 550mhz, but 600mhz! why? well, when you set the multiplier to 2.0, it will be remaped as 6.0, so you can overlock it to 600mhz. i have this amd k6-2 400mhz processor, and i have it currently at 500mhz because i have no budget to afford more cooling, but when i do, ill get it to 600.

asdf lucasnutz
even though the multipliers will reach 600MHz, i doubt your cpu will, i had a 500MHz K6-2 that did about 560MHz tops (i have a board that allowed for a fsb adjustment up to 124MHz - thats a theroetical top speed of 744MHz) i have not seen any normal K6-2 go above 550MHz. there is a better chip, the k6-2+ which is designed for laptops and such that reaches about 700MHz, they are had to find though
my 550 does 600 but my board is limited to 100fsb so i cant take it any higher, although i dont think it would make it much higher.
i have seen one overclocking of a k6-3 450mhz to 616mhz with this techinique, i found it today because i couldnt believe that the multiplier was remaped.

here is a photo of the procesor


here is the speed chart.


and here is the exact link of the page i saw it, even though it doesnt show the multiplier as 6, but as 5.5.http://www.ocia.net/articles/k63/k63oc.shtml
That is 5.5x112=616. I had a K6-2+ 475 that would run that high. It is more of an accomplishment with a standard K6-3. You'll get better performance that way than 6x100 MHz.
hey, i know this, but is it just numbers trick. or does this board multiplies to 6?

i dunno, but this is what i get when overclocking it with 6. (i can do it with 5 too, but i was just seing if i could get a 6 multiplier)

this is the speed chart. please look that is a socket 7 and it has a multiplier of 6.


just another pic showing that this is a socket seven board. a sis one.


now, after all this crap, will i be able to overclock this pc to 600? or will that be just numbers ilusions?

asdf lucasnutz

ps: i cant use more than 100fsb