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Supercomputer Folding?

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Feb 26, 2002
Birmingham, Alabama
I was reading the follow section of a paper:

"The amount of processing power going to waste around the world is not to be sniffed at. Working together, [email protected]’s 2m machines are equivalent to a supercomputer running at around ten trillion operations a second (ie, ten teraflops). In other words, they are roughly comparable to ASCI White, which is currently the fastest computer on the planet."

A couple of questions:
What would happen if we got a supercomputer folding?
Why don't we?


Jan 12, 2001
one of the IBM blue supercomputer (1000+ cpu) is folding. I saw the news a few days back.


Senior Member
Nov 25, 2001
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Sure, good plan, tell us when you've raised the umpteen million you need to buy one, then we'll come round and have a sauna party in your basement when you've got it installed, providing the power stays on :D

Seriously though, supercomputers are expensive, supercomputer time is expensive, if there was a hope in hell of persuading anyone to give up enough time to run the folding project, on a supercomputer, Stanford would have done it already and not bothered with this messy distributed computing thing.

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