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Supercooling Question

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Dec 10, 2001
Southern California, USA
well i have access to a 20,000btu air conditioner.. an uncle that used to own a refrigeration shop and *plenty* of freon. What all would be involved in converting it to a vapo-chill like setup? And what kind of temps could i expect from my athlonxp 1800+ @ 1.85v
With that much cooling power, why don't you set up
a whole server room. Put a dryer on the system and
drop the room temp to -5C. :D
The power of the a/c and compressors is only part of the solution. It is not the power of the system that will determine how efficient it is, but the design of the whole package.
An a/c system is designed to cool air and the evaporator seldom drops below 0C. This is not much good for super cooling. An ordinary domestic compressor based system is used to produce most commercial computer cooling rigs. e.g. Vapochill. The efficiencies revolve around designing the correct condenser/evaporator combo in conjunction with a specified refrigerant.
If you want more info I suggest reading through ALL the posts in Project X to get a better idea of what has to be done. There are a few of us working on this at the moment. Me included.