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SuperORB BAD!!!!!!!!

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New Member
May 15, 2001
I bought a superorb for my athlon 1ghz, and all was well. However, at 1ghz, i noticed my temps heading towards 50C. I was pissed, but then after adding about 5 80mm fans to my case, and opening my window, i got it down to 45c idle, which still sucks.

I removed the heat sink one day, and all i see on the bottom of the heat sink is burn marks, black, some of them look like theyve melted the metal and created a bump. I thought nothing of it, and went on using the orb.

A week later, my computer would not start up. I went ape shiat. It started once, when i saw the monitor come back from low-power mode, but it then stalled as it was loading. I removed the heatsink, and what do i see??

MY PROCESSOR CORE WAS CRACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive never said so many swears in my life. After cooling down, i noticed there were more cracks on the processor, at the exact spots where there were burn marks. That god damn heatsink ruined a perfect AXIA core. I WILL NEVER BUY THERMALTAKE AGAIN!!!!!! And i recomend to all of you who own square bottom heat sinks to purchase the copper core protector.

DONT BUY THE ORB. I left with **** results (cooling) and a broken core since i used this SuperOrb. And if someone from thermaltake is reading this, REPLACE MY CORE!!!!!
Feel For ya, but Ive installed and uninstalled my cpu probably 6 different times this week. I think all the heatsink clips out there require care.
get an alpha, the clips are nice, and they are great coolers.
They sure look pretty but they are worthless. I almost got one just before I started reading this web site.
It seems like there should be a way to hold them liable for the damage their products have done. The damage probably runs into the 10's of 1000's.
Maestro (May 15, 2001 11:07 p.m.):
I never buy a ORB of anykind all I have heard is bad things about them overall. A Fop 38 or something is the only way to go...


I have a fop, and its good, except it really needs some lapping, and also could use a better clip. Its a good hsf, but I would definately get a shim to save your core. If I had only spent that $10 then..........
I used to have a golden orb, and I didn't think that it was too bad, except the temps under games always spiked. I lapped the bottom of the gorb and it did a hell of a lot better than the way it was from the factory!
explorer (May 18, 2001 10:02 p.m.):
I was about to buy a Blue Orb, but after reading this topic I have changed my mind.

the blorb is totally different. Its a chipset cooler, not a cpu cooler. It gives great results for chipset cooling, and is actually a very good use of the orb design.
I have a GORB on my 700 celery but I only run the system at 945. It seems to do fine. Maybe I was an exception? I did buy it about 2 years ago when the hype was going on though.
dunno260 (May 18, 2001 10:12 p.m.):
explorer (May 18, 2001 10:02 p.m.):
I was about to buy a Blue Orb, but after reading this topic I have changed my mind.

the blorb is totally different. Its a chipset cooler, not a cpu cooler. It gives great results for chipset cooling, and is actually a very good use of the orb design.

Totally agree with you there. The BLORB is a whole different product, and in all of my experiences with them, i have found them to be good overall. BLORB is easy to apply, cheap and comes with all the stuff you need to put it onto your chipset :)

>>> GO BlueOrb! >>>
Saw the very same. Used an S/Orb on a Duron 800 chipped and destroyed a new proc. Never even had a chance to work. On removing the Orb I noticed exactly the same thing. The base appeared to have melted. Still didn't learn and used it on a second Duron with no serious incidents except a small chip. The burn marks are deep though. The great weakness of the Orb in my opinion in terms of installing it is the size. Because of its size one tends to hold it and that is when the damage is done. I have switched to a FOP32-1 and that is about 5C cooler than the Orb and I have achieved about 100MHz more oc out of it.
My Chrome Orb works fine if it's attached properly, but yes (hallelujah) I am moving on to the Swiftech MC370. The clips on Thermaltake HSFs is mostly what breaks their efficiency and makes it an irritating task to add or remove one.
All and all I'd never go cheap on a heatsink (not to mention Motherboards).
Anyone want to buy a 120mm to 60mm fan adapter once I have it finished? I'm going to make one for my new case so I'll be hitting my heatsink with 130 cfm
kinda makes me think the orb designed their pos to chip proc's and are probably making the proc companies a fortune. LOL
Hey u guys sure that the Mini Super Orb got certain problem ?? i'm going to buy it.. please give me a REASONABLE reason.. i'm really read many thing about it.. but all r good news. and good thing.. nothing bad as what u guys saying here... Please ... real answer...

Duron 800 @ 1000Mhz (100x10) 1.83v
i thought the super orbs were supposed to be awesome? is it just that the clips are a pain int he *** or does it just suck all in all. toms hardware did a comparison of 46 hsf and the super orb did pretty good. my friend is going to buy one for his new computer and i would like to know so i can warn him. . .
Warn him that he needs to give the clip some excersize before installing it and remove that chewing gum pad on the contact and replace it with arctic silver.
The Super Orb is a pain to install because it's large, tippy, and the clip is stiff.
ThermalTake needs to fire their Engineers as far as I'm concerned.
I have a kt7a board with a 1.2 and a Mini-SuperOrb. The clip is a little tough, but it gives a really strong hold. I haven't had any problems with my orb, I actually would recommend it. Maybe I'm lucky, but my temps are fine: 32idle-53load. I'm only running it at 133x10........for now :)
looks like alot of people have problems with orbs...
looks like alot of people have had great results, including me
celeron 2 633 @ 105FSB 1.9V and i never go over 40C in load
i got a Gorb..

i think Gorbs are great heatsinks but are aging. And they were made for older CPU's not NEWER AMD chips that put out so muchmore heat
That is why they are good for GPU's (they put out less watts of heat than a CPU) and to cool your chipsets.

ORBS are still graet coolers, just old and are made to cool less that 60 watts of heat