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SuperOrb removal

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The thing about the SuperOrb is that because the cyclinder is soo tall, it's very tempting to grab it with one hand while using the other on the clip.

Don't do that!

Instead, just press down with both hands on the clip handle, and then push the handle towards the heatsink, so that the clip moves down and towards you. This will release the clip from the socket lug. The trick is to do this only by touching the clip handle, not the heatsink!

I hope this helps.

how bout the chrome ones, same deal. I haven't tried removing it but i will pretty soon, and honestly, cutting the clip to get it off would not bother me in the least if it saved me some hastle.
The chrome orbs look like they have the same clip, so yeah, I guess my advice should apply there too.

I had luck using a pair of needle nose pliers to help moving the clip away from the lug. This was in addition to using the other hand to press the clip handle downward. The pliers are more precise, and less likely to slip and gouge than a screwdriver blade.