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Surge protection on Ethernet

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The Jet Man!
Feb 25, 2003
Back in October, our home took a near direct lightning strike. The resulting strike found its' way into our home via the phone company service drop feeding our DSL Gateway. From there, the surge traveled throughout the Ethernet network and hopped over to other devices via other media connections (HDMI). The resulting strike fried half-dozen TV's, networking switches, TIVO boxes, computers, xbox, projector, and other electronic equipment.

Having replaced all of the above, I decided to also replace the existing surge protectors with ones that included the network in/out port on the surge brick. According to Rocketfish (brand I bought), the surge brick is capable of suppressing on these network ports as well.

I hooked it up like this : DSL phone line -> Internet Gateway -> Ethernet cable from gateway/router -> (IN) port on surge brick -> Ethernet cable (OUT) of surge brick -> NetGear 6 port switch.

From here, the 6 port switch feeds several devices sitting close by and also feeds another 8 port NetGear switch 50 ft away. My thought was by placing the surge suppression on the Ethernet between the router and switch, I am protecting all devices downstream.

Everything seems to work except for one problem; the Ethernet connections are horribly slow on all devices. My typical download rate is around 3-4 MB/s, and when it is hooked up described above, 200-500 KB/s. Bypassing the surge suppressor immediately restores speeds. Is this normal? Is it just not possible to do this without sacrificing a large amount of speed?


Jan 7, 2013
Hills of Kentucky
well, I would think that enterprise grade equipment would likely have less loss than consumer grade. Also every connection will add a bit of loss too.


Jul 26, 2004
FYI as an Electrician Nothing ( commercial / residential / ) can really stop a direct lightning strike they just cant handle the 1m+ V that comes with it . IMO they are a waste of money .