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Swapfile optimizing in XP Pro

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Nov 21, 2002
Colorado, USA
I'm reformatting my harddrive sometime soon. Watching that guy on TechTV... uhh Leo Lapport he likes to call himself. Claims that you should make a small partition first for the swapfile, then the OS partition. It supposedly increases performance because that partition is supppose to be uhh faster (cause it's first). Now uhhh... Should I do this/have you heard this fo****o? Is there any performance increase? If I made a 6GB XP partition first, and the swapfile is on that partition.... I don't see much of a difference. Also, because the outside of the drive has a larger diameter wouldn't that be the fastest part of the drive?

Ok, now on to a less idiotic subject. I have 512MB of RAM. How big should I set my swapfile to? Min and max values?

Thanks for any insight.


Inactive Pokémon Moderator
Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
Really, swap file optimizing (beyond setting static) dosen't do much. Also, if you don't feel like creating a special partition just for the swapfile, use a utility to move it to the begining of the partition. It'll have the same effect, and you'll have one less partition to worry about. I've got 512MB of RAM, and using 348MB of swapfile :)

If I recall correctly, the begining sectors are at the outside of the disk (unlike a CD where it begins at the center). Since the disk is spinning a constant angular speed, more magnetic surface passes under the head in the same amount of time on the outside (begining) of a disk, which is why it is reccomended to place the swapfile there.