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Swapped my 40" for a 24" and....

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Apr 11, 2010
London, UK
It sux! OMG it's like using a tablet :cry: Been using my 40" HDTV as my main monitor (1920x1080) for quite a while and got so used to it, that when I got my new 24" Acer on my desk, it's like using a table it's that small.

Story is my ex finally moved out ( thank god!) and she took her belongings with her which included her 42" TV. My "office" is in the livingroom and I was using my own 40" as my monitor. Once she left I was stuck. I don't mind switching over from PC to TV to watch my shows/movies on my 40", but when my 7 year old is here with me it's a pain. He wants to watch his crap at the same time I'm on the pc, so I had to get a new pc screen and then put the 40" on the stand for normal TV operations.

Now I can't stand it! This dam screen is so dang small. I tried gaming on it last night and it was quite awkward. Not a pleasant experience at all. :(

Rez on the Acer 24" is native 1920x1080 and the image quality is outstanding, but it's soo dam small I hate it.

I was looking at the 27" and it's no different over the 24". I'm gonna have to get a larger one like 32" at least. Of course gotta be 1080.

I'm sure I can sell this 24" to recoup funds (i got it in a trade) and shoot for an HDTV of about "32-38" at least to get my big image back.

I remember my 22" ws was massive until someone (blackstar) convinced me to use my 40" as it was just collecting dust in my bedroom. Ever since I got a taste of the larger screen I'm screwed! :eek:

Dam you Brian! :rain: lol

I am the opposite, i cant stand to big a screen, you have to sit so far back, playing fps's and fast paced games is horrendous on a oversized screen with only 1080. Watching films.... thats another story


annnnnnd it's gone
May 15, 2010
Euroland, Denmark
Thats insane, i got 2x24" atm and i dint them big! But i did buy my 670 of a guy that was sitting with a 46".. best part, on the wall he has a 32".

Pc's always get the best treatment.


May 20, 2002
It would have to be a physical media. There isn't the infrastructure to support 4K.

There are 4K blue ray players. How much source material for a 4K blue ray players? IIRC some 4K sources (like movies are available). Don't think it is a lot just some.

Of course the problem is just like everything else these days - will Josephine/Joseph Six pack be willing to pay for all this. The technological aspects are challenging and quite expensive.


Likes Popcorn
Jul 31, 2004
24" is too BIG for 1920x1080. You just need more pixels :) I can't stand giant TV screens where I can stand there and physically count pixels.


Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Well I might have a buyer for this 24". Hopefully I'll find a deal for a 42" or larger and get my 40" back :)


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Well I might have a buyer for this 24". Hopefully I'll find a deal for a 42" or larger and get my 40" back :)
Just use coke bottles for glasses... problem solved.

My eyes are not great and 3' 40" I could EASILY see the pixels. Hell I can stand 4' away from the 32" LCD in my room and count them without my glasses!

:shock: :clap: