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swiftech 462-a killer?

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Jun 3, 2001
go to amdmb.com and check out the review of the thermaltake tk-6, or whatever it is, I forget. Anyway, they did a six day test to make sure something was not amiss, and the thermaltake trounced everything else. Something to consider...
Read the fine print!
They ran the MC-462A with the less effective Sanyo Denki fan, not the 80mm Delta it was originally designed around. There is a significant difference in performace between them. Don't get me wrong. I really like the design behind the Thermalright SK-6. Loads of surface area make it an excellent choice. I'd like to get my hands on one to test with my Cohesive Air Cooling setup.

Hoot, do you know of anyone using a SK-6? I'm debating buying one for my wife's system mainly because I'd like some decent if not outstanding cooling and I'd like not to pay the big bucks for another Swiftech!
Thanks for the link. I did some research and found some other really good reviews of this heatsink. Good enough for me to run down to www.coolerguys.com (I live 30 minutes away from thier office) and picked one up. Very impressive indeed! It's only about 5 degrees F above my Swiftech at 1.4ghz. Load temps tend to have a wider delta than the swiftech, but all within a very acceptable range!
Hey Hoot, speaking of your cohesive air cooler... How's the electrical write-up coming along?
Magistrate (Jun 14, 2001 12:05 a.m.):
Hey Hoot, speaking of your cohesive air cooler... How's the electrical write-up coming along?

It's about 80% done. Few words, lots of pictures. It's hard to write a procedure that bridges all levels of experience.

"for the moment...In my honest opinion, Nothing even comes close to the MIGHTY swiftech"

The SK6 might come very close if used in cohesive air set-up. The Glaciator is at least as good as a swiftech with standard fans.
Mighty swiftech, mighty expensive, mighty loud. So the Swiftech is the mother, it's not the best choice around for everyone. For anyone who knows, how does the TK-6 stand up to the Glaciator? I've seen a whole lot of TK-6 reviews as of late, everyone's impressed by it. Willis, how large a range is there with loads on the TK-6?
Well, it's not a HUGE delta or anything, but when your used to a Swiftech, then yea, it'd catch your eye when your running a windows app at full load. I would hover ar about 40-41C idle at 1.4ghz, but running something pretty cpu intensive, I'd see if pop up to between 45-46C. There's absolutely nothing horrible about those temps, but the change with my Swiftech would be around half that.

Running the chip at stock 1ghz, the delta was very small. I've not had any stability issue's, heat related or not since I've popped this in. Seems to work just great to me.