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Swiftech 462A Part 2

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Feb 13, 2001
Twin Cities
The marriage between this HSF and my Duron has yielded some interesting results. I have been able to lower many of the voltages I previously used at the different speed steps I have tested at.

I spent most of the evening testing and did not get to the 3 terminal regulator for lowering the speed yet.

I have attached some graphics that speek better than my words. Your results may vary as a lot depends upon the grade of your CPU. By that, I mean, some just seem to work better than others for OC. I feel I came out on top of the "luck of the draw" with mine.

These results were obtained with a room temperature of 18C and inside the case was running 19C.

I will post a more brief set of results when I lower the fan velocity.

A quick followup. I dropped the fan voltage to 8V. At that voltage, the current drain drops to .35A. Interestingly, at 1000 Mhz, 1.8V Core, both the idle and P95 core temp stayed the same. With an ambient temp of 22C, the core was running at 32C idle and 34C P95 torture. I'd venture to say that though impressive in what it can deliver, the fan that ships with the 462A is overkill at 12V. Could be the reduced current draw reduces the heat that the fan motor contributes to the airflow blowing down on the HS. FWIW, fllipped the fan and core temps went up about 3-5C, even with makeshift shroud. Another argument for blowing down versus sucking up.
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