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Swiftech MC 370-0A or Alpha PAL 6035 ?? Help

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Dec 18, 2000
This is my sytem right now :
Duron 700@927 (1,85v)
Abit KT7-raid
Chrome Orb + artic silver
idle cpu temp = 30°C
on load = 46°C max

I want to push the duron a little higher so i need a new hsf but not to noisy.
So i've read articles (a lot) and came to the conclusion that i should go with one of those two.
Which one ? help
yeah i know, but it's a very loud (49 dba) and expensive hsf !
just tell me please which one of the two is the best...
BulletProof (Feb 24, 2001 09:55 a.m.):
yeah i know, but it's a very loud (49 dba) and expensive hsf !
just tell me please which one of the two is the best...

Unless someone has installed and used both on the same system and faithfully recorded data in a controlled manner that's a difficult question to answer. Simply comparing temperatures between systems is a waste of time -- there are many variables.

And if noise is a consideration then it gets more complicated... you want the best hsf with the least noise, but how much noise is too much, and how much cooling power are you willing to sacrifice to get less noise?

So there's no easy answer. My answer is... experiment.

On my Duron I have the PAL6035 with a powerful 80mm fan wired to a 7v/12v toggle switch and vented out through the side panel. It cools really well and is very quiet at 7v. It only took me about 6 weeks of trial and error experimentation to come up with that :)
If you want the best cooling with least noise, then get an Alpha PEP66 with either YS-Tech fan or Sunon fan. They both are very queit and combined with the PEP66, they deliver a great cooling performance. You won't regret. Just make sure that your case has enough air flow.(Good ventilation with extra fans)
If I have to decide between the two, MC370-0a or PAL, I'll go with the MC370-A. It's a very solid heatsink. You can view the results at www.tomshardware.com and the MC370-0a was rated #1 among the others.( At that particular time)
Good luck.
you can buy an optinal rheostat for this hs and can dial the fan way down with only a slight loss of performance when i turn mine down temp goes up to 40C and its quiet (compared to the hedgehog and delta fan i had)