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swiftech MC370 fan question.

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May 15, 2001
reviews said that this HS have the lowest risk of cracking the core..... is this so? (i'm getting a shim anyways.). should i stick with the stock fans or up to a delta? what other air cooling (except for the MC461) HSF can best the MC370 provided it would be as easy to install? thanks for your help.

edit: using this to cool a tbird 1.2ghz 266fsb. (of course i want to OC it.. i want it to fly at least 1450+mhz!) if you have another HSF suggestion, please be one that would fit an Iwill KA266 mobo. thanks again!
The stock fan will work fine the delta maybe a little better but i'm sure it would make a little more noise though but as mrB would say load fans save proccesors. I would not think you would need a shim as thats a great HSF combo it may not even need to be lapped but if it was mine i would just to make sure. I would just be carefull installing it to make sure you dont crack the core and you'll do fine.
hey,.. thanks for the reponse. i think i'm leaning towards keeping the stock fans... its quieter and produce about the same results. i think i'll use a shim just in case... dont want anything to happen to my golden some hundred dollars bird.. but i dont know. i'll get one just in case, if i find any trouble of installing.... the shim will be on it.
the stock fan is a very nice papst 33cfm fan. Moderate noise and good performance. Forgot how loud, but its not screaching. Try it with the stock fan and see how everything works out, if you aren't happy, then consider a delta.