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Swiftech MC462-A HELP!!

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New Member
Jun 13, 2001
Hey all,

I am going to buy this HSF (Swiftech MC462-A).......but I want to get that delta fan with the down spiral fins....that works alot better than the Sanyo. The problem is, every online store I've been to either has it with the Sanyo fan or the heatsink itself seperate.
If anyone knows a site where I have the option to upgrade to the Delta please let me know. (or if you know thw Model of that Delta fan, i could buy the two seperate)
Thanks in advance

Not sure if it has the correct delta but have a look.
Hope you got one yesterday cause they changed from the 68cfm delta to a sd fan :(
Sony (Jun 19, 2001 09:12 a.m.):
Here is the HSF
Swiftech MC462-A

And here is the Fan
Delta 38CFM

I don't think that that is the fan that you want. When I bought my Swiftech it came with an 80mm Delta. I spent quite a bit of time searching the web for anyplace that sells any Delta fan other than the 60mmand was unsuccesfull. If you buy your MC462-A from Swiftech directly (If you still can) you should be able to get the 80mm Delta.

Check here http://www.swiftnets.com/
I ordered mine from pcboost.com with the delta some time back. It cost me almost $100 with shipping. Shipping was expensive, but too have this big heavy thing shipped takes a big truck isoppose ;-)

Hope you like noise!