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Swiftech MC462 users post results here!

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Mar 14, 2001
Hi, I am seriously considering getting myself a Swiftech MC462 CPU fan. Right now I have an Alpha PAL6035 with a YS-tech fan.

Anyway, I was wondering how much overclocking performance any of you have gained by switching to the Swiftech cooler over your old cooler?

Also what were your final overclocking results with this cooler. My CPU is a 1 ghz AXIA chip, and it currently does about 1400 stable at about 55 C temp under load. You think i'll be able to muster 1450-1500 with the Swiftech?

Thanks for all replies!
1.0G/266 @ 10x145 1.85Vcore 85W. 37C running Prime95 Torture. 10x150 2.0Vcore 99W. 42C running Prime95 Torture. With Delta 69cfm fan running full blast. Temps measured with thermocouple drilled through base on top of core.

I've got an T-bird 1.33 AXIA @ 1.53 stable. 31C idle; 39C full load 1.93 Vcore. I've noticed that since it's gotten warmer; these temps have fluctuated a couple of degrees.