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Swiftech MC462

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New Member
Apr 4, 2001
Just in case anybody has an Asus A7A266 and is interested in a Swiftec MC462 dont bother ordering one. I just rec'd my MC462 today and it doesnt fit. a resistor or whatever they are is in the way, right by the 2 DDR sockets.


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if the resister dosnt line up with one of the screws that hold the fan in place take a bench grinder and remove some of the base

the swiftech is so efficient that it will work fine with a few less pin`s

this post should have been placed in cooling ;D
Yep this should be in cooling

But I just gotta ask if it fits on a Iwill KK266? I ordered on march 17 and finnaly got a shipping notification today. MC462A will be here on 05/04. Is it gonna fit? I can't wait. System stable @ 10x133 but temps are 48 at full load. WANNA GO FASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, it will fit a KK266.

As far as grinding..... You would almost need a chainsaw on a KA266. Nowhere close! I know it's not Swiftech's fault, It's the MoBo Mfr's fault for not following the spec.
I heard a new revision of the Swiftech MC462 came out and it should fit the new Asus DDR boards. I have the Asus A7A266 mobo and once my 1.33GHz AXIA Athlon comes in I will tell you if it fits. I heard this from my email confirmation when I ordered the MC462 from sidewindercomputers.com 2 days ago.

I hope it will fit :)
those resistor thingies can't be that hard to pull off the board. The wires that hold em on are so tiny!

Just rip it off!

(of course I'm kidding.....DON'T try this)