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Swiftech MC462A and the IWill KK266...

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Feb 5, 2001
Anyone tried to pair up these 2 yet? I have read conflicting reviews about whether or not the MC462 will fit on the KK266. I wouldn't want to be forced into buying another hsf especially after paying 80 bucks for it.

On the review on overclockers.com, it states that the washers don't quite fit on the mobo holes, but when I wrote Gabe from Swiftech about it, he said to not use the washers and it would be fine. Then I just read a post today that says Swiftech isn't sure about how the 462 fits on the KK266?? I know not to trust every review and post but I'm trying to find out before I end up wasting money.


The problem with the KK266, though minor, caused some initial consternation. Unlike the KT7, the KK266 has the holes plated and a coating of etch resist on them, maybe even tinned. That adds a miniscule amount of height to them and the thickness of the shoulder washer, when added in, caused the HS to bottom out on the standoffs before it attained adequate pressure on the core. By omitting the shoulder washer, the standoffs are not as high and the baseplate of the MC-462A can assert adequate pressure on the core.
The MC-462A is a great HSF. Albeit, loud, with its 68cfm fan, but the fan can be tamed with the inclusion of a rheostat in its power lead. I recommend both the HSF and the rheostat.
I can crank my fan speed down to the point where the case fans are the same volume and it still provides adequate cooling. I used my own rheostat with a shaft long enough to poke out through the front of the mid-tower escutcheon. That way, I can easily reach over and vary the fan for the particular task (read heat generated) at hand. When I'm running a high duty cycle program, like a CPU burn-in program, 3D gaming, Scientific Modeling, etc, I turn it up some. For reading email, surfing the web, forums, etc, I turn it down.

Thanks for your input. I ordered the hsf 2 weeks ago since I knew that it would take 4 weeks to get it and will be ordering my mobo next week. I had narrowed it down to the KK and Kt7a and needed to know before my final decision. The whole KK 1.2 debacle has me confused though. But anyway, that's another post.....

I ended up ordering the rheostat also. I figured that 10 bucks would be worth it to be able to quiet down the hsf at times when it is not needed like you said in your response.