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FRONTPAGE Swiftech MCP35X and MCP35X Reservoir (Rev. 2)

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Nov 1, 1998

When my venerable yet older MCP355 died, I was heartbroken. Well, as heartbroken as you can be about a water pump. As my first “real” pump it did its job for over two years. A job it may have done under duress. About a year ago, Swiftech stopped warrantying pumps that had their tops removed in favor of an aftermarket top. Mine had an XSPC reservoir top on it. Whether that is what did the pump in we’ll never know, but the fact that they no longer warranty pumps that had their tops removed at least introduces that potential.

As the MTBF for those pumps is 50,000 hours (or 5 years with 24/7 use), I shot Gabe (CEO of Swiftech) an email basically to test the waters and see if they could cover the MCP355 under warranty. I wasn’t fishing for an MCP35X and indeed specifically said I wasn’t asking for a review sample because I have no proper testing equipment. Then I pleaded for a replacement MCP355. Even with their reputation for superb customer service, I didn’t expect much. Indeed, because it had been over two years and because taking the stock top off voids the warranty, Gabe’s hands were tied.

Then he offered to send a review sample of an MCP35X plus MCP35X reservoir.

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Nice review, hokie. :thup:

The only thing I don't like about the new res is the turbulence problem. And when you mod it like you (and Martin) did, it makes it a little bit of a PITA to fill. That is one advantage of the XSPC res over the one that Gabe designed. I think it would be worth Swiftech's while to do a slightly larger diameter res body where they could put a fill port on the top cap like XSPC did.
Installed, will add more later.

Changing to the bleed setup mentioned end of June when I have time, parts on the way. Geeze, it's always money.

I used the new HS already reviewed and have a 15mm thick 80mm fan on the way.

Not the best pic, I an't a photo person.

Nice article! :attn:

I few things that struck me reading this.

The new MCP-35X must be a more powerful pump than the DDC3.25. I say this because the only way the RPM can remain constant over varying pressure drops is by the motor using more power. I'd like to see a measurement of current/power draw at the pressure drops.

The MCP-35X runs best without the reservoir based on the configuration plot. This makes sense because even the large reservoir increases the resistance on the inlet side. Case in point the lower flow output with the foam installed.

I really like the design of the top. The outlet looks very well thought out and I'm sure would be a good addition to any older style DDC type pump. It also gains a lot by the larger diameter inlet.

I have an AlphaCool acrylic top and it's performance was greatly increased by boring over the inlet to just a bit larget than the inner diameter of the inlet barb. See here.. A review of the gains from this type boring mod is here. It's the little things like this that can really make a difference in performance for pumps. I could go on and "geek out on it" (I am a Mech Engr ;)) but suffice to say, it looks like another great Swiftech product!:thup: