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Swiftech MCX462+T. TEC air cooling for AMD (not P4?)

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Oct 28, 2001
well this is interesting, swiftech has come up with a new TEC air cooling unit.

you can read the great article joe has written about it right here: http://www.overclockers.com/articles646/
226 Watt Peltier (15.2 volts)
1/2" thick copper base
Motherboard socket hole mounting

the results are outstanding of course, but why isnt there a P4 version of this?

the P4 produces less heat than an AMD XP and a P4 has a much more protected core. besides, with all the mad P4 oc'ing these days its strange that swiftech hasn't got a socket 478 of this heatsinks.

still its very impressive,.


Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
the guys in "extreme cooling" don't seem impressed at all.
I personally think that article was too vague and un-thorough.
I would like to see more details and such, before I make up my mind about it, cause at the moment it seems like a decent idea...

till you realize you need a seperate TEC powersupply and dielectric grease in the socket at all that stuff.
by the time you buy all that, the price is nearly 300.

for 300, you can buy a nice water cooling set up and never worry about a fan.


Senior Member
May 10, 2002
Los Alamos, NM
Had seen it on Swiftech's web site awhile back and was interested in how it would perform when it came out. In terms the results and bang for the buck, I underwhelmed. :cool:


Sep 8, 2002
I was interested at first but when I consider all of the trouble with condensation and such that you would go through with this setup I think why not go with a water cooled pelt setup? If it was a simple bolt on that would be another story...