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Swiftect MC 370-0A over rated?

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I was not thouroughly impressed from reading the review of it here at oc.com. Its a good hsf, but nothing to go all out for. What temps are you getting?
ya. i agree. i don't have any personal experience with this one, but there is a lotta different places i'd spend 40 odd bucks than on this hs.

glaciator, gladiator, sk6, thermoengine, cooper taisol in my opinion are all better and can be had for the same price or lower.
I have one and like it a lot. But I bought it B4 most of the newer, better ones were out.
I have a 1.3t-bird @ 1430 it hits about 54c full load.Using Artic Silver also.
( I do like the mounting braket though.)

4 80mm Sunnon 35cfm fans intake
1 120mm Sunnon 84cfm exsaust
1 The system blower 42 cfm exsaust
hard drive cooler is also intaking air

I was curious because with the new asus bios my temp
increased from 44c to 54c full load, but when i used the math calculation posted in an article here, it came closer to the 54c number any how.

Ive mounted heatsink many times and tried every combo with case fans but cant seem to lower temps
alot of people are boasting 38c full load I dont see it as realistic with air cooling.

My computer room has Ac too so room temp. is not a problem.
I have one too, it's in the "parts" box. I am also dissappointed in the performance in this HS.
I think I'll put it on a 800 T-bird.

MSI K7T Turbo-R ver.1.0b16
AMD 1gig Tbird @ 1190 axia01*****W Y611*****2
384mb cl.2 133 Crucial
2 Maxtor 7200rpm/100 striped
Radeon 64 ver.7089 "Raid-On" tweaker
Golden Gate, Delta 38cpm
SBLive mp3 5.1
Soho Ethernet card
Win 98se