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swifttech mc1000 questions and more

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Mar 19, 2001
i'm considering giving my mc1000 another whirl. i had a oc'd 300A celeron that used an asus S370 slot 1 converter. it came with the mc1000. when i moved my cpu died. after removing the mc1000 i saw there was oxidation on the cpu. sudden death syndrome explained.

1 have you guys gused the mc1000 without problems?

2 what could i have done differnetly?

3 conformal coating? what do you spray? just the asus board or the cpu as well? what should i not spray? =)

4 how much better is the mc1001 in your practical experience?

5 do i just need the standard upgrade kit (without backplate) for 1001 to go from my old celeron socket to a p3-850 socket?

6 how does the mc1001 stand up to other peltiers? perhaps i should just try a new brand.

7 how do you get a good cpu temp reading? is that built into the motherboard somehow? or are there probes you must insert under the heatsink?

8 any other advice/comments are welcome. some of these questions i posed to swifttech but i just thought i'd get the forum's expertise as well.

thanks for you advice.

here is the swifttech url in case some of you are wondering what heck i'm talking about.