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Swifttech MC462A RULES

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New Member
Apr 25, 2001
just received my swifttech mc462a from outside loop computers
they have em in stock and got it to me in 2 days .. very nice place .. they let you hear it on one of their machines .. not that loud .. not high pitched at all .. talk about COOLING .. this thing is the best .. well worth the money ..
my 1.33 is cool as ever ... with my alpha pep66 w/ delta .. my temps were 40C idle and 48C under load (not overclocked) .. they highest i could overclock with it was 1466 .. i installed the mc462 and @ default 1.33 my chip was idling at 24C and under load 27C
and im able to hit 1540mhz np prob .. running prime 95 temp never goes above 38C ... i know i can hit 1.6+ but i think i need to tweak it a little more .. it ran @ 1644 but crashed after a min or so but temps were below 40C .. i think a voltage mod is coming shortly =)
I love mine also. When you are not running an intensive application, like 3D gaming, Engineering Modeling, CPU stress test, etc. , You can throttle it back considerably. I have a long-shaft rheostat on the front of my box. I turn it down at times like this. As I type this, the fan is running quieter than my two case fans and the temp is 25.5C.
That is measured with a thermocouple drilled and mounted in the copper base, touching the top of the core.

What's funny is when someone stops by and I reach over and turn it up, while saying something like " Lets turn up the processor power! " ;D