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Switch from FX-8370 to i5-6600k

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Jun 25, 2016
San Diego, CA
Morning Gents,

Everyone was extremely helpful with my last questions I decided to ask another ;) I have the opportunity to swap out my current FX-8370 and MSI 970 motherboard with an i5-6600k. I haven't found a mobo that I want to go with yet but that shouldn't be to difficult. I know on paper the i5 dominates the 8370. Just looking for anyone in the real world running the i5 and how it performs with day to day tasks as well as gaming. My last post was also a question about my video card. I have also been looking at the R9 390x to swap out with my current GTX 960 FTW edition.

My long term goals are to NOT have to update in a few years. I do plan on running a slight overclock which is why I am going with the k model and I also know that I need to go with a ZXXX chipset to overclock as well. I'm hoping this setup is a bit better than what I am currently running. If anyone has a recommended mobo for around the $100-150 mark I wont mind either ;)

As always thanks for the help.
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yes make the switch, my 8350 rig has been retired to a file storage system, even my 4570s is better.
I will only add that 390X is a mistake. Better check RX480 which is less power hungry and generates ( a lot ) less heat.
^Agreed, check the 480. You can also get really good price on a 970/980/980ti, depending on your budget.
Hey Guys,

Well I made the switch, I wasn't able to get the mobo recommended (went to local store) so I might switch it out as its a tight fit with my components.

CPU: i5-6600k @ 4.5Ghz (YUP, overclocking this was cake)
CPU Cooler: Corsair H80i V2
RAM: Corsair Dominator 16GB @ 3200MHz
MOBO: Gigabyte Z170MX-Gaming 5 (MicroATX)

I'll need to swap that out as my video card fitment with the CPU cooler is not the best its seated all the way but its at a ever so slight angel due to the radiator. Hoping that If I go with an ATX board that it moves my PCIe x16 slot down a bit or gives me another PCIe x16 that's lower on the board.

I was thinking about picking up the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero since that is available at my local store.

As always you guys are awesome!
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I have one and I like it. Decent board all the options you'll need. I hit 6.2 on LN2 with it and a 6700k
I have one and I like it. Decent board all the options you'll need. I hit 6.2 on LN2 with it and a 6700k

WOW!!! Ya, I think I might switch and only for the above stated reasons I just don't like the fitment of my GTX 960. Safe to assume you have a 10" card and I'm guessing some crazy cooling stuff for LN?