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syncing two android directories for mp3 accessibilty

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New Member
Nov 6, 2016
Trying to find a simple solution (although I realize it may be unlikely) to sync both my amazon media folder with my google music media folder on my Galaxy s7. I dislike the amazon player app but this is where I purchase my music from. I prefer to use the Google music player. So syncing those two media directories would be ideal to avoid having to manually copy or move files over after every purchase. does anyone know a utility or app that can accomplish this? Or any suggestions as to maybe other options to avoid having to use the amazon player but being able to gain access to those mp3s and playing them through an alternative media player. All feedback is appreciated!


Water Cooled Moderator
Oct 14, 2007
I use VLC as my music app. It scans your device for music automatically, so as long as they're not some weird audio format, it should automatically add them to your list in VLC, no matter what directory they're in.


Oct 29, 2005
Actually, with vlc you want to make sure the audio files are tagged with cover art so there are no cover pics as all the other 'gallery' type aps will want to constantly show them needlessly. Plus, instead of just allowing vlc to scan the phone, it's actually better to specify specific folders that it will use. In essence you could have one amazon folder, added to vlc, and any others you create yourself, also added to vlc. No need to sync at all.

Another thing I really like about vlc is if you use it for internet streaming, like I do, it only connects to the streams themselves and is never trying to access random amazon/akamai whatever addresses. Unlike most other aps.