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System freezes with blank screen

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New Member
Jul 23, 2012
I apologize, my system is not new or overclocked but this problem is weird and I want the intuition of guys on the edge.

I think some piece of hardware is about to fail - which one?

All of a sudden the screen goes black, and the monitor doesn't display the no signal thingy. The keyboard freezes.
Today is the third time in two days. The first time, my cat pulled the keyboard down on the keys side, while the monitor was on stand by; it didn't wake from it so it was weird.

Mainboard ASUS M4N98TD EVO
Phenom II x6 1090T. Not overclocked, original fan.
Kingmax ram.
VC Palit Daytona GTX 470
Source Corsair TX 750
Win7 x64, all updates.
Big front and back fan, one 12 inch up.

It's hot outside these days, 30 c something, the processor goes up close to 50 c on desktop usage, with around 4000 rpm. I've just cleaned the front fan of a layer of dust, the source had the usual too, the processor had just a little, because I cleaned it constantly, right now the temp is 40 c with 2500 rpm and outside only 26. I don't know the temperature right before system freeze. The box fan has two modes, if it's not hot outside / in the case it never goes over ~3000 rpm, it goes up to 6000 at max. These days I caught it at ~5000 rpm.

I had no obvious problems with the PC. Played hard core games, very high settings, perfect frame rates, no signs at all of problems. I played at night, in the evening the processor was 49 c. When I built the PC the processor went smooth up to 58 degrees.
I have a lot of crap installed, and just updated the video driver a few days ago. After waking from sleep, Opera remains frozen, with no content in the non responding window, just a background color. Other programs work fine.
Months ago I had some frequent instant cold restarts.

I don't have malware, I check everything to the blood with Comodo Defense+, Virus Total and various heuristic methods.
When does this happen? Is it in the middle of doing a heavy cpu or gpu task? Doesn't look like temps are the problem but only one way to be sure.

I suggest you run a couple stress test programs to see if you can't narrow down the problem. First I'd run memtest86+ and do a good 2-3 passes and see if you get any errors. Easy way to eliminate the memory. If the memory checks out, run prime95 and do a stress test with small ftts. That will stress the cpu. Monitor your temps with coretemp and make sure they aren't spiking too high, >80C. If after the cpu test (good few hours) you don't have any problems and temps are fine. I'd run 3dmark for a graphical test and see if it's your gpu.

Now in all of this testing it's quite possible you're power supply is going bad, which any of these stress test might also bring out. It'll take some testing and patience but we'll find what the problem is.
Ok, off to tests tomorrow or the day after.
No stress at all on anything at crash.