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system temp high?

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Jul 22, 2001
OK my processor runs at 75-80 degrees about 26c and this is overclocked fom 700 to 854 with no voltage raise. My quesyion is why si ym damn board temp getting to 89+ or 32c?? THIS is way to hot. DO you think the cache has thermal grease on it?? or is it just the greenie and no grease?? PLease give me some ideas I got grea cool in my system I can't figure it out. please help me out
soyo 6ba+100
If I rember right thats a slot 1 board and the chipset sits right under the cpu.
If you have a alpha type heatsink and have the cpu fan blowing down it can cause the chipset to become very warm.
If thats what you have try reversing the cpu fan(s) so they blow air away from the heatsink.
The greenie has no thermal paste adding some may help.
I don't have a Soyo 6ba+ mobo but I do have an Epox BX3 which is also a slot-1 motherboard and after emailing tech support from Epox and Intel I was assured by Epox tech support that for my mobo 43C / 109F is a NORMAL operating temperature and by Intel operating my Celeron 800 at 50C / 122F was also nothing to worry about. ( I can forward you the emails if you like.) I'm not sure if the Soyo specs are lower but you may not have too much to worry about running at the temperatures you listed.