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System Temp Monitor?

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Hey, my motherboard and processor support cpu temp monitoring and I would like to acquire a program that would allow me to monitor the temp without having to go into the Bios...Any suggestions would be great!

Hey thanks alot for the help! I downloaded MBprobe and Rain2.0 I started up the probe and it says my slot A processor is running at 133 degrees...Can that be correct? If so is that dangerously high? I installed rain and it dropped the temp down to 131.3 degrees, but still that just sounds really hot to me..Hopefully someone can spread some light on this..Thanks a ton.

im running @127f and im not worried.....i dont like the readouts though of anything but my BIOS. si soft sandra said i was @204f now that scared me.....but yeah you might just want to add a case fan or two like kat said to drop it...that is if your uncomfortable. im fine with 127f but its all up to you.....
Thanks again for the responses. I might look into grabbing another case fan. If OpenFriday is running at 127, then my 132 isn't super bad, but I'm guessing lowering temp would increase performance and processor life.

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yes ive hear a drop by 10f will double your processors life span...if your just going to add 1 case fan i suggest one blowing right over your processor,ram ext. if your getting two mount a nice blowhole on top.....i personally like to have more air going INTO the case rather than haveing more air commming out of the case. some dont agree with me but....pretty much anything will help.
You can't really have more air going into the case than coming out... unless the case is sealed and you have an extremely powerful fan. The best you can do is create a very (very!) slight pressure differential. For any air you pump into the case, an equal amount will have to find its way out, or your fan won't be able to pump any more in....