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system temp monitors

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New Member
Jun 5, 2001
Ive got 2 utilities that give me readings on my cpu temps, 1 is mother board monitor 4 the other is siv155 (system imformation viewer) the 1st gives me a cpu temp that is very similar to the bios reading on start up the other reads app 7 deg celcius hotter which one is more likely to be accurate (these readings are taken while the computer is not doing anything)

Those monitoring proggies tend to give wildy varying readings... I use Hardware Sensors Monitor, there's about 2C difference with it and MBM...
Also, the fan speed readings vary also, few hundred RPMs mostly.
Quite hard to know which one is the "right" one, isn't it.
i think the mobo one is more accurate probably. The one that comes with ure system will be disgned for it
i think maybe you mean "Digital Doc 5"??
umm... MBM5 is pretty good, Sandra seems real accurate...
but basically, check the mobo's temps.. then MBM's.. at stock speed.
then use it as a reference point from there. at least you'll have a solid idea, and give or take 3* should matter little, unless you're at crazy redline temps when pushing it to maximum... at which point, ya oughta have a thermistor anyhow...
and best be using it to be fixin' some major coolin' problems :D
and Digital Doc 5 goes for around $60-65US
can be had online at any of the hardcore cooling retailers.
[OC] Jason aka LiquidFusion (Jun 05, 2001 12:10 p.m.):
You might want to check out an item called i think Digital Dan-it sits in a drive bay but i hear it is QUITE good

I think you might be refering to the DigitalDoc.
I had one there kinda cool can run 8 temp sensors and up to 8 fans.

you can place the temp sensors anywhere you get 2 diffetent types in the kit, it is a bay mounting kit. has a LCD screen that displays all fan and sensor info,it actuall very nice to have.

It was a little difucul to use though I had to turn on all the fans at once, not 1 by 1,the case neary flew away, but the one i had the DigitalDoc5 is the first to support 120mm fans that is why i got it, it did run the fan for awhile but the 120 over loaded it and kinda caught on fire.
So i wouldnt reconmend the 120mm fan feature but the sensors were great didnt have any problem with them at all.
thanks for the suggestions . mbm is the closest to the bios readings for temp and they both read within 50 rpm of each other for the fan speads but the siv 55 is the monitor that came on the utilities disk. I think my aim of attack will be to use the higher of the 2 just to be on the safe side

thanx a lot