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t-b1.2ghz(not overclocked) what fan(fop32,coolermaster...?)

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Feb 5, 2001
Alright this should be my last post This is kind of a long thing but if u can help i will really appreciate it. For the last 2 days ive been getting different asnwers on what fan to by. Please tell what fan to get if u are using it on a t-bird1.2ghz or higher. right now the fans im looking at are the fop32-1. The Taisol CEK 733092( ihavent heard much about this one, but it seemed pretty good here www.ocinside.de go to the thing that says u can hear the noise levels and theyll have a buig comparsion list of temps and noise) the coolermaster DP5-6H11-A1 or DP5-6H51-A1 i keep hearing about coolermaster fans on alot of places where u buy processors just not on sites like this. The fop 38 and alpha seem to make alot of noise. Just so u know i have NO intention of overclocking, just give me a fan that keeps it at a temp low enuff thatd it last 2-3years. My motherboard is the abit-kt7 raid with the 200fsb (not 266). So just tell me about the noise and performeance with a tbird 1.2 or higher. here are a few side questions that arent to important but it could help me a bit more

1.Has anyone heard of the twin turbo from www.3dcool.com. Ive heard at some sites that this is a power fan, has anyone used this?

2.Can some1 tell me if this case is any good heres a direct link http://www.coolerstar.com/atx400wmidto.html (this page doesnt take long to load on my horrrible modem )

3. last ?? the only fans that will be in my system so far is whatever cpu fan i choose and the fans that came with the case. Do i need more? If so tell me what type a fan and where to get it from, or see if i should egt the twin turbo( www.3dcool.com)

Well if u read all this thanks for all of ur helop i appreicate it.
The Fop 32 will do fine for a 1.2 not OC'd. The FOP 38 is better but much louder. The OCZ Monster II is also a good choice. Goto www.coolerchips.com They have good prices and they give us overclockers.com members $1 off shipping
Stay away from the Coolermasters. I just tried one out on my 1G TBird, and after 45 seconds it was so hot the comp. wouldn't boot. The Coolermaster was lapped smooth and fit great too, but just wasn't up to coolong the TBird. Once I threw an FOP32 on it, no problem.
Well i have 2 choices for fop 32. But some guy said he used that and the taisol cek and he recommended that fan becuz it gave i think about the same or better performance and it was quieter. Has anyone used this? And hows the sound on the fop 32. Right now im going for the fop 32 unless some1 telles me its bad becuz this and that uiis better. Thanks for all ur help.
Oh also (this is a shorter question) What are thermal compounds and what one should i use? I heard the artic silver is good. Am i gonna need more then one compound? i know nothign about them.
lynch (Feb 08, 2001 05:27 p.m.):
Oh also (this is a shorter question) What are thermal compounds and what one should i use? I heard the artic silver is good. Am i gonna need more then one compound? i know nothign about them.

But arctic silver can be dangerous too. If your temps are high it will form a foil and not do good job of cooling. Even though it has had great results.... their is a danger to it to so be cautious of high temps. Although this is rare it does/ has happended
This is very imprtant if any can answer this soon. How much of a chnace is there that the paste will form a foil? Right now if i get this oem(if i dont get the 1.2 oem in the acution im getting the 1.1 retail box for extra money) Now you say if it runs to hot? How hot is that? If i get the 1.2 oem here are the fans i will have- fop 32, regular case fan(came with the case) powersupply fan, and www.3dcool.com's twin turbo and super duper slot fan. Ive gotten great reviews for those 2 extra fans (has anyone else used them or heard of them?). Now i think my comp will be running pretty cool with those fans. Should i still worry? Also if it does foil does ur processor burn out immediately or does the temp just run alittle hotter?