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T-Bird 1.2ghz, Abit KT7A, Mini super Orb.

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
My Dad ordered this combo and it came with the Mini Super Orb. I cant believe how high the temps are. Without overclocking the cpu runs around 49c at an idle. Is this Orb just no good or what. I used heatsink compound on it.

I'm in intel man and never built an AMD system till now. And I have never had a cpu run that hot on me. Is this normal for AMD cpu's or is the Mini orbs just no good?
The Super Orbs aren't that great,so I imagine the mini orbs are even worse!!Get rid of that mini orb and get a better cooler like an Alpha or Fop!
Well are those temps ok. He will not be doing any overclocking. I'm just concerened about the temps. They seem a bit high to me. But if that is average for a T-Bird then I'll leave it.
I'm an INTEL man myself,but from what I've seen reading up on AMD stuff 49c idle is pretty hot.I've read that load temps in the 50's is pretty common, but of course undesirable.

Hopefully some AMD guru's can answer you a little better.
Before buying another HSF, Make sure you have proper case ventilation, and applied only a thin layer of compound on the cpu core. If that fails to lower your temps buy a fop 32, or fop 38 They work well and are cheap. If you want to spend a little more get a Alpha with a delta fan.
Straight answer for ya, Orbs really suck!

I had on on my overclocked Thunderbird, and my temps were always near 60C, got this Globalwin FOP32 and temps dropped on the same system to 44, always and as I type this they're at 42 (cooler at night).

I do not recommend that cooler to anyone.

Good luck!
The strange thing is, the temps jump around. I havent made it back over there to check on it. But he claims it has been running around 38c the last day or two. Weird that it would get hot then cooler. This is without really putting any stress on the cpu. All he does is surf the internet and chat with family on ICQ. I'm gonna go over there tonight and run Sandra burn in on it to see how hot it gets.

He also has 256mb's PC133 ram, V3 3500, and soundblaster live! A waist of a good system if you ask me, But oh well. If it was mine believe me I would have never bought an orb. I would have bought an OEM chip and ordered an Alpha to slap on there.