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t-bird 1000 still to hot w/ alpha pep667 and delta 30cfm fan- what is going on?

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New Member
May 16, 2001
i've been having trouble managing the cpu temp and i figured someone here must have some ideas.

my asus probe software (i have and av7-k133 mb) software is telling me that my cpu is running about 60c while playing 3d games and about 57c while idle in win 2000. strangely it said that it was running only slightly hotter in both situations with the factory (crappy) heatsink and fan. my bios says i am running about 48 and that is backed up by another program called mb probe. also i have a 120mm fan in the bottom-front of the case blowing air in and two fans (one 80mm and the power supply) blowing air out the top-back.

here are the possible problems i've been able to come up with. please tell me if any are possible/plausible or if there is anything else i can try.

1. i could change the fan so that air is being sucked across the heatsink. *note* the fan is mounted on the side of heatsink is so that it blows/sucks across the base and fins.

2. there is to much thermal grease on the heatsink. i didn't apply much but and when i took off the alpha (after a trial run) most if the grease got squeezed off the top of the center riser (has the name and MHz stamped on it) and had collected around the sides.

3. do you add thermal grease to the small risers that surround the center, large riser?

4. the asus probe software isn't working correctly? does anyone know of a reliable program?

any helpful thoughts would be appreciated

1) Remove heat sink and completely remove paste from chip and heatsink, I remove by using pencil eraser (don't ask - it works) get some artic silver 2 paste and put a very small thin layer on the CORE ONLY of the chip, not the surounds.

2) Get a seperate thermister to measure the temp of the cpu

3) change the fan round on your cooler. You also need your case fans to be blowing air into the case at the bottom and extracting hot air at the top (get plenty of air circulating in the case)

4) Check (if possible) that the fan on your heat sink is rotating at the required speed (e.g. 4200rpm)

5) If that doesn't work invest in a peltier or water cooling unit.

Hope this helps.