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Dec 21, 2000
Planet X
well this is concerning the t-bird 900 oc @ 1040

wen first oc , the chip was very unstable
(10.5x100 @ 1.85 v core ) will not go 11 or above )
achieving 1.5 gig but with lockups from time to time running video applications, & frequently on boot 2 or 3 times out of 5 bootups (very annoying)
v core temp would reach 47 c , 48 c
so to achieve more stability went with
10x100 for 1 gig & left all other settings the same
less lockups & temps went down 44 c , 45 c
(still locked up though on start up ,about 1 time every 5 times i would boot which I hated)
so about 3 weeks later
I tried to go back up , with the fine tuning that abit bios allows
(cpu fsb + mhz setting)
stayed with 10 x 100 but pushed the cpu fsb + mhz setting up to 4 giving me 1040 mhz
also @ this time I was curios to c what would happen if I went back to the default v core (1.725)
which I did
so now I have 10x100 @ 1.725 v core & (cpu fsb plus
setting up to 4 default = 0) achieving 1040
with 39 c , 40 c & it hase'nt locked in video applications yet & it very, very rarely locks on startup,
like it was ! im very happy that this problem has went away because for a while I thought I was going to have to live with it as long as I had this cpu
I really think that possibly if I gave the chip a good burnin that 1.5 or maybe higher 1200 gig could be achieved
I have herd that others are having similar problems
locking up on boot (right @ the network password box)
so I hope this lil info will help some one out
good luck
Yet more evidence for burnin - and some people still refuse to believe it! Burnin took my lowly tbird 700 from 800 to 875 (eventually), and I'm hoping it'll get my duron 600 closer to a gig (918 now, watercooled). Oops, better update my signature :)